Agricultural production

Respectful of nature and care for the environment, we have a technical team specialized in different areas, which gives us the most appropriate recommendations to maintain a high standard of productivity, both in the nutritional and phytosanitary needs of the plant, taking advantage of each app to the max.

Our operational staff is highly trained in the different cultural tasks with the aim of being able to offer a fruit with high quality and productivity standards. Among the most important tasks in the plantation we have the wrapping that allows us to give the banana bunch 70% of cosmetic care, obtaining clean and scar-free fruits.

Harvest and packing

Quality and precision

At the time of harvest, the bunches are sought according to the client’s specifications, which meet the requirements of age, length and finger size; They are harvested from the plant making their way along the cable to the packinghouse, where trained personnel receive, check and assemble the boxes to stow them in the container.