About us



The beginning

Agricultural production

We are a family 100% dedicated to agricultural production, we started our operations at the time of the gold nugget, the boom in the production of fine aroma cocoa.

Over the years, due largely to pest and disease problems, banana plantations were gaining ground in the Ecuadorian territory thanks to the high demand for the fruit internationally, making the banana business a profitable alternative for Ecuadorian farmers.

We are in our 3rd generation of banana producers, waiting for future generations to complete their studies and thus be able to join the current and future projects that we decide to undertake as a family.

Present and future


FRUTECNICA S.A. is a Company founded in 2019 with the aim of continuing and enhancing the family and Ecuadorian legacy in the production and export of the best bananas in the world, making them available to the most demanding markets.

This company was born to join the Ecuadorian economic engine and complete the business cycle of a farm that has been operating for approximately 30 years, generating employment for more than 80 families and producing bananas of the highest quality, which has reached the markets. most demanding international

We believe in hard work, efficiency and commitment to our human team, our business partners and our family, to continue with the legacy of banana production, opening new paths of innovation and development, always maintaining the highest quality of banana production. fruit.